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Getting Started

Our Process

Trying to figure it all out?

Talk to one of our Client Services team members about anything related to home care services or your long-term care needs at home. This can be a learning opportunity for you and your family, even well in advance of initiating services.

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Starting home care services

Give us a call to begin the process of getting the right home care plan in place. During the first conversation, you can share as much or as little information about you or your loved one as you would like. You may want to consider a few important questions beforehand:

  • How soon do I want to start services ?
  • How frequently do I want services ?
  • What daily activities would I like support with ?
  • Who is right for me ? What skills, interests, or personality traits am I looking for in a caregiver ?


The difference in being a Duet client is choice

One of the most important things we can do is provide you with choice when selecting the caregiver who will be at your side. Take a moment to consider what qualities are most important to you. You will have the opportunity to choose from candidates selected specifically for you. That’s why it is so important for our Client Services team to learn about you during our discovery process.

Our proprietary caregiver database allows us to capture dozens of important attributes on our team members. This may include…

Caregiving experience
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Personality type
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Culinary skills
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Educational background
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Artistic abilities
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Language skills
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Personal interests
and much more…
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Who is right for you? Take a look at a few of our caregiver snapshots

Annika B._image@2x
Annika B.

Curious, thoughtful and deeply empathetic

RISD-educated artist with a history of paid senior care experience with adults with Alzheimer’s disease

Interests include cowboy history, storytelling through film and documentaries, and traveling

Rosa M. _image@2x
Rosa M.

Genuine, dependable, and invested in bringing joy to others

A business professional with over a decade of volunteering with older adults before becoming a full-time caregiver

Enjoys walks in Central Park, Motown music, theater and exploring spirituality

Julio T._image@2x
Julio T.

Kind-hearted and easy-going

A performing artist dedicated to extensive volunteering and supporting seniors in his community

Interested in martial arts, science fiction, dance, and Dungeons & Dragons

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