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Home Care Services for Seniors

Home Care should be about much more than the basics

Elderly woman taking medication
Caregiver helping elderly man with tying his shoes

Sometimes we think of home care services as a limited set of daily tasks, or simply as supervision for someone who is aging and vulnerable. Or we just accept that there may be a wide interpersonal gap between an elder adult and their caregiver.

These views are leaving out so many aspects of high-quality senior care at home, which is why older adults and their family members are often left wanting for more.

We ask that you keep an open mind when considering how our caregivers can support you at home, and let us match the right person for you. Of course, our caregivers can always provide support for the basic daily tasks that keep you independent.

Daily Support at Home

Our caregivers can help you with many of the simple daily tasks we all need to complete throughout the day to maintain a high quality of life. These tasks are sometimes referred to as Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs). IADLS are integral to our home care services, including:

  • Planning and preparing meals
  • Shopping for groceries and other goods
  • Light housework, such as laundry or pet care
  • Managing transportation
  • Going to doctors appointments and taking medication at the right times
  • Planning extracurricular activities
Tell us about your needs and preferences, and we’ll create a specific care plan for you.
Caregiver helping elderly woman up the stairs

Home safety

Client safety is another basic, yet important, element of home care services for seniors. Reducing the risk of falls is always one of our most important goals, so having our caregiver standby while you navigate stairs or take a walk though your New York City neighborhood might be an important aspect of support. Changes in memory and cognition can also present safety issues, such as disorientation during the night or forgetting to turn off a burning stove or running faucet.

During the consultation process, we’ll work to identify these risks and develop ways for our caregivers to help mitigate them throughout long term care.

Assistance that Goes Beyond the Role of a Traditional Caregiver

Many of our caregivers have attained a high level of education or developed proficiencies outside of their caregiving work, so you can expect them to be helpful with many of the tasks that require critical problem solving, planning, or organization. Here are some examples:

Utilizing technology, which can include mobile phone troubleshooting or computerized tasks such as email
Personal organization – for example, creating a calendar or planning appointments
Communicating important information to family members, care managers, and other concerned parties
Elderly man and caregiver using a computer for a video call

Staying connected through technology is more important than ever these days

Whether you want to solve the latest problem with your mobile phone or set up an online video call with friends or family, our caregivers can assist.

Female caregiver supporting elderly woman in the street


An enhanced home care experience starts with the right caregiver

When you consider how much time you are going to be spending with your caregiver, it only makes sense to find the best fit possible. Take a moment to consider some of the elements of compatibility between an older adult and their caregiver: personality, disposition, maturity, acquired skills, cultural knowledge, interests. Through our consultation process, we’ll find out what is most important for you and present the appropriate candidates.

Our Caregivers

Who is right for you? Take a look at a few of our caregiver snapshots.

Danette W._image@2x
Danette W.

Warm, outgoing spirit with an infectiously positive attitude

A lifelong caregiver with multiple professional certifications

Enjoys reading, crime dramas, sightseeing, learning new games and skills

Tug W.

Engaging, humorous, and deeply caring

A seasoned musical theater performer with a history of supporting seniors and volunteering

Interests include singing, poetry, cooking Mediterranean food, tennis and yoga

Peggy O.

Kind, earnest, and passionate about caregiving

Over twenty years working with seniors, including individuals with Parkinson’s, dementia, and ALS

Likes Jeopardy, classic films, literature, biographies, baking, and Broadway plays


Caregiver socializing with older man in the park
They became an essential part of our extended family during a very challenging time

We were very fortunate to find ComForCare at this point in our lives. Everyone – from managers to caregivers – were kind, responsive, and dedicated. They listened, asked important questions, and worked quickly to find exceptional care for our mother at a time when her needs were changing rapidly. The caregivers were kind, loving, adaptable and patient.

Sutton Place
We have had a wonderful experience with ComForCare

My parents are choosing to age in place, and the people who care for them are so special and make this not only possible, but positive. They are incredibly kind, engaging, motivating women. My father is physically fragile, my mother’s memory is deteriorating, and they help keep their lives active both mentally and physically. I live across the country and feel so lucky that my parents are getting such care. When there have been emergencies, the agency is on top of calling to let me and my sister know.

Kyra B.
Upper East Side
They were always there when we needed them, even after hours

The first ComForCare companion we interviewed was amazing. We knew right away that she was the perfect fit. She was my mom’s exclusive companion for many months, and she cared for my mom like she was family. As my mom’s disease progressed, she needed more and more help. Too much for any one person, it became a patchwork of various companions to fill in as needed. Every single one of them was wonderful (patient, compassionate, proactive, and in constant communication with me as needed), as was the ComForCare staff.

Erica R.
Upper West Side
I cannot even begin to say how critical ComForCare has been

My parents live in an independent living community. ComForCare has provided the perfect companions for them. The companions provide every service that a traditional aide would, but they go way beyond the basics. They prepare meals, keep an eye on medications, go grocery shopping, arrange, and go to medical appointments, accompany them to activities, etc. Most importantly, they do their best to keep my parents engaged and mentally stimulated.

Carrie M.
Older man laughing and holding a paint brush
Elderly woman and companion working on an art project

New York City Senior Activity Calendar

Your guide to art, culture, music, discussion, outdoor activities, and more.

With the support of our caregivers, we can help make these ideas a reality. A number of programs in our calendar are designed to accommodate seniors with memory loss and other symptoms of dementia.
Senior Activities Calendar

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